Sep 09, 2020

Just start!

“Because I know I can’t keep doing NOTHING…”

She leaned in and quietly introduced herself.  I reached for her hand and felt her dampened palm and instantly knew she was nervous.  We sat down on our lobby couch and I began talking to her like an old friend.  I don’t know what intimidates people about walking into a gym, but her nervousness is very typical.

Before long, as we continued to chat, she was smiling and I saw the tension release from her shoulders.  She took a deep breath and told me it took her a solid month to work up the courage to walk through our doors. 😢

I know why she dragged her feet, because I’ve hear it over and over from other members – intimidation, lack of confidence, people thinking they are too old, too fat, too out of shape, that they’ll be judged, that they don’t know how to do any of the exercises – we’ve heard it all – and they’re all real fears!  I care about those fears but what I REALLY care about is how she pushed through those fears TODAY.  I asked her, “Forget about the fear for now, what I want to know is WHY TODAY?  What made today the day you pushed through your fears?

Her brows furrowed and she looked at me with remorse and quietly said, “Because I just know I can’t keep doing NOTHING. And I’m scared I’ve let myself go too far.  I need to be able to keep up with my kids and, right now, it feels impossible.”

I quietly told her, “That is your ‘why’ and that is a very powerful WHY.”  I continued on and said, “When you’re feeling too tired after a long workday, draw upon that reason and get in here for your workout.  It’s NOT TOO LATE, it’s never too late.  You just get here, and we’ll take it from there.  Deal?”  She smiled, “Deal.”

Just Get Here

We are here for our members and we’re here for you too – let us help you lose the fat, tone your muscles, reclaim your energy and feel happier!  Our judgement-free Fit Fam will welcome you with an open heart.  Our Accountability Coaches will help keep you focused on your WHY.   Our on-the-floor personal trainers will help guide you through every workout.  You WILL LOVE IT HERE!

I personally invite you to come in and join us for a FREE workout – no strings attached!  Simply visit to set up your first workout, and see why our members call our bootcamp “addicting”!!!

In Peace & Wellness,
Coach Jenn
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