Jun 17, 2021

Mealprep for success

Our #1 reason for mealprepping is to help us stay on-track with our eating.

When I sat down to write this post, I really wanted to think of the right words to help propel you to take action and mealprep!  Mealprepping is an ESSENTIAL part of our weekly routine.  It’s an absolute MUST for us.  When Neil and I lose focus or get too lazy to meal-prep, we fail miserably at our goal of eating nutritious, whole foods.  So when I say it’s ‘essential’ for us, trust me, that is no lie!  If you can say ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, mealprepping is a MUST for you too.

  1. Have you ever been so hungry, that in spite of your goals and good intentions, you had to swing by the drive-thru or order takeout, because you failed to plan ahead (or had zero time to plan) for that evenings meal?
  2. Have you ever skipped breakfast because you weren’t hungry before you walked out the door, but as soon as you got to work you were starving?
  3. Have you ever wished you had an easy answer for the ‘what’s for dinner’ quandary we face day after day (after day)??
  4. As you’re trying to make healthier eating choices, have you become frustrated with counting your macros and just wish it were simpler?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to give mealprepping a good honest effort.

Here are a few more reasons to consider Meal Prepping:

1. Exercise works 100% better when paired with healthy eating habits (When you know, you know!)
2. Save time by mass cooking on your day off, instead of multiple times each day.  This means saving time on cleanup too, vs multiple times each day, seven days a week.
3. Peace of mind knowing everything is planned out for the week
4. Ensure you take in the correct % of proteins, carbs, and fats (counting once, vs at each meal, 7 days a week)
5. Reduce stress by not having to scramble at the end of the night to figure out ‘what’s for dinner?’ and reduce impulse buys at Publix (or Saucy Meatball takeout)
6. Healthier lifestyle for the whole family.  It’s as simple as “they eat what you eat, end of story.”  Eating healthy is a lifestyle, good for one, good for all!
7. Save money by buying in bulk
8. Weightloss, fatloss, and building muscles are all more easily attainable with planned meals
Helpful tip #1:
If you don’t like roasted broccoli and quinoa, then don’t prep broccoli and quinoa! Prep meals you LOVE, that are nutrient-dense and healthy, with portions that fall into your macros goals.
Helpful tip #2:
Don’t restrict mealprepping to dinner only! We regularly mealprep egg bake, breakfast burritos, egg quiche’s, and simple scrambled egg bowls with chopped up ham pieces and cheddar cheese. Nothing crazy there… and it’s great to have something to eat right after you crush your morning workout!
ps If you don’t know what your macros goals are, schedule a meeting ASAP with Coach Neil by clicking the link below.  *** Make sure you’re not menstruating during your very first appointment, since Coach will take your body composition scan on our InBody machine.  🥙
Below, Coach Neil is prepping our weekly breakfast egg muffins! These are one of the many meals we mealprep to save us time each day.
Here are 2 yummy recipes we’ve used in the past:
Coach Jenn