Jun 24, 2020

Mindfulness & Fitness

Hellooo Fitness Family!

Coach Jenn here!  I’m one of the owners and coaches here at Fit Body Boot Camp.  🙂 In case you needed to know this, you are an amazing human being. I say this because I know with certainty that you ARE.  Pause for a moment and think about that truth.  Do you FEEL amazing?

Here’s a truth for you…

No amount of weightloss or smokin hot bootie will change your attitude towards yourself.  YOU must change your attitude towards yourself FIRST, you must love your body in all of its stages; you must be at peace with your body, appreciate your body and where it’s at RIGHT.NOW.  Because you, right now, right this very second, with perhaps a wider midsection or larger bottom – back fat or not – YOU ARE AMAZING.   Would you do me the favor and allow yourself to revel in the idea that you are truly amazing – every shred of your moral fiber.  You.Are.Amazing!  Own that!

When you’re at peace with your body, your mind (your discipline, grit) will work WITH your goals, instead of against them..

Ok, next topic for today, MINDFULNESS.

Hey, did you know that, contrary to popular belief, the purpose of mindfulness is NOT relaxation? It’s definitely a desired side-effect, but the true purpose of mindfulness is to cultivate awareness. Period.

When you’re testing out ‘mindfulness’

a very helpful thing I’ve learned is to catch your mind’s auto-pilot as soon as possible. Our minds are more ‘away’ than present. Autopilot is pervasive. So a first step in cultivating greater mindfulness is to first notice that your mind has wandered off. The sooner you notice this, the more effective you’ll be in practicing mindfulness.
Here’s something for you to try. When you eat breakfast this morning (or when you eat your next meal), focus on every bite. Enjoy it. Stay in the moment. Be present.
For you parents, wouldn’t it be awesome to learn these practices and pass them along to your children?!  Especially in the “immediate” and “now-now-now” world we live in.
Did you try this? Let me know!  Oh and be sure to check out the graphic below!!
See you at bootcamp!!
Coach Jenn

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