Mar 22, 2024

Self-Improvement vs Self-Care

Happy Friyay! As a self-improvement junkie, I LOVED this graphic showing the differences between these two amazing worlds.
Self-improvement is like signing up for a marathon; it’s about training, discipline, and keeping an eye on your goal.
‍♀️Self-care is like wrapping yourself in your favorite snuggi with a good book (hey hey, you know AI doesn’t write for me when I talk about my snuggi )- it’s about being in the moment, accepting who you are, and caring for yourself, both mentally and physically. It’s the deep breaths, the intentional ‘me time’, and yes, the luxurious bath with a glass of, umm, protein smoothie.
Today I’d like to ask you to embrace BOTH. Hustle for those goals but also take pause and savor the journey. Work hard, play hard. Feel healthy AND wealthy.
You are amazing! See you all at bootcamp!
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a list of differences between self-care & self-improvement