Dec 16, 2021

The Best Tips for Healthy Living and Weightloss

Are you planning for a successful week?

The struggle is real… you’re rushing home from work and are frazzled when you remember that you have nothing planned for dinner. 😩 Again.  As a default, you call Saucy Meatball and order takeout.  Sound familiar?  We feel you!  We’ve been there!
Hi, my name is Jenn Bates – I’m one of the owners and coaches here at Fit Body Boot Camp.  I’d like to share some tips for you on how to have a more efficient week of healthy eating!  It boils down to just a little bit of planning ahead.
1. PLAN out your healthy snacks for the week! It’s SO EASY to slide through that drive-thru or devour that leftover mac-n-cheese when you’re absolutely starving after your workout! PLAN for success and reach for a nutritious snack until dinner is ready. Don’t sabotage your success!
2. PLAN to meal prep this weekend, for the week ahead – try prepping two meals, breakfast and dinner. Meal prepping is the ultimate timesaver!!! ⏰  Map out your meals on Wednesday and Thursday, shop on Friday evening or Saturday morning, prep Saturday afternoon or whenever you can on Sunday!  Keep it simple – ie Grilled chicken.  Egg burritos.
3. PLAN for which days you’ll be attending Boot Camp, schedule them ahead of time. Stick to that plan, consider your workout as equally important as, say, a doctor appt – it should be non-negotiable.
4. PLAN For some fresh air outdoors, it’s so essential to our mental well-being.
5. PLAN and schedule quality time with your loved ones. Our lives aren’t getting any less busy. Your health & fitness shouldn’t need to take a back-burner to spending time with loved ones, just plan accordingly.
You’ll notice that my points above aren’t all ‘eating’ or fitness related. 👍 Being healthy is more than showing up to Boot Camp 5-6 days a week, it also means:
🟢 drinking enough water
🟢 getting enough sleep
🟢 having meaningful relationships with loved ones
🟢 getting fresh air and sunshine
🟢 consuming minimal, or zero alcohol
🟢 and of course eating the right quantity of the right foods.
One last thought on this topic. In fact it’s so important, I’ll make it #6 on our list:
6. When you’re trying to lose weight, PLAN your meals BEFORE YOU EAT THEM, using MyFitnessPal. AND plan to meet with our Nutritional Coach (included in every membership!) so he can help hold you accountable.
👉 Be truthful when you enter your food into MyFitnessPal and/or share your progress with your Nutrition Coach. 🙀 Trust me, he knows if you’re not being forthright with the food you’re logging vs what you’re actually eating, he always knows! 😝 So don’t cheat yourself out of his full support! He can’t give you the best advice and encouragement if he’s only seeing half the picture. 💜
Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at Bootcamp!
ps Neil and I have been meal prepping & planning all morning.
Grilled chicken
Healthy snacks (avocado mash) (we also put this in our chicken wraps!)
Organic fruit
Savory Turkey Balls
Baby Spinach that’s about to be frozen (ziplock bags, for smoothies)
Organic spring mix lettuce
Pork steaks (portioned but will grill on Friday)
Plenty of eggs for the week!
Not pictured:  Prepped snack baggies filled with organic pumpkin seeds, unsalted almonds, and Brazil nuts (rich in selenium).