Jan 13, 2021

What about those Menstrual Cups?


Raising two daughters meant we spent quick a bit on tampons & pads every month.  To be transparent, we generally used tampons way more than pads, and as a mom, I was always concerned about the chemicals tampons were treated with (chlorine, dioxin), and how those chemicals ultimately effected our bodies.  I was extremely happy when my eldest daughter Hailey told me she was trying a menstrual cup.  I’ve invited her to share her experience with you below!


Hey there!

This post is for all my gals! …although the guys can totally read further if they’d like to learn more about menstrual cups.   Just to introduce myself for anyone that doesn’t know me, my name is Hailey and I am Coach Jenn and Coach Neil’s eldest daughter.  I want to talk to you about menstrual cups and my experience with them, I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, but I just can’t keep this life-changing experience to myself.

A few years ago I heard/read about menstrual cups and ever since then I’ve been intrigued, but also overwhelmed by all of the brands, nervous because I’ve only ever used tampons and even though I’ve read great reviews on the cups, I was just a little scared because its kind of a “weird” concept…but so is sticking a cotton plug “up there” or sitting in a pad all day sooooo.  After talking to one of my friends about her menstrual cup I decided to finally pull the trigger and after doing a little research I settled on the brand called Saalt.

I’ve used my Saalt cup for the last three months now and I am IN LOVE.  It’s been a game changer for my periods.  I’m not sure about other companies, but Saalt has a short quiz you can take to determine what size cup to buy, I took the quiz and bought the size they recommended for me.  It’s made a total difference in my periods.  My cramps aren’t as bad, I’ve found the cup to be more comfortable than a tampon, I don’t have to worry about toxic shock syndrome, even on my heavier days I change my cup only twice a day, it’s easy to put in/take out (after some awkward practice), I don’t have to carry tampons around everywhere and an added plus for me I am contributing less single use plastics into our landfills.

I know periods are miserable for most women and I just wanted to share something that has made a world of difference for me.  My periods now suck just a little bit less.  If you’ve heard of menstrual cups and have been nervous to try one out or if this is the first you’ve heard of them, I strongly encourage you to give them a whirl.  And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me!  I’m an open book about these things and I’d be happy to help!  You can find me in our Fit Body VIP Members Only Facebook group, or you’re welcome to send me a DM through Facebook!

Give it a try – you never know how it might ease the burden of that monthly visitor AND reduce the amount of chemicals your body is exposed to!