Oct 11, 2020


Hi! My name is Jenn Bates, and I’m one of the owners & coaches here at Fit Body Boot Camp in Fort Myers.  (Side note: This is me and my adorable granddaughter – those CHEEKS, right?!) 

I occasionally get asked:

“What is HIIT?”

And “What’s different about HIIT compared to going for a jog, or aerobic exercise, or lifting weights at the gym?”

👉 HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.   For anyone who hasn’t worked out in a while (or ever) we know that “high intensity” of anything sounds extremely intimidating, believe me, I get that, but keep reading and I’ll reassure you that this is JUST WHAT YOU NEED, and that you CAN do this! 

HIIT simply means “working hard for short bursts, then resting for a short period, over and over, for about 20-30 minutes.”  You don’t need to do a HIIT workout for 60 or 90 minutes… you get ALL of the benefits you need from pouring your effort and energy into a quick 20-30 minute workout.

The fact is, HIIT workouts burn the most fat, the most calories, out of any other workout.  This isn’t opinion, this is fact.  HIIT workouts fire up your body, enabling it to CONTINUE to burn calories at a high rate, for 24-36 hours after your workout!  At Fit Body, we call this the ‘Afterburn’ effect!

Why Fit Body?

👉 Here at Fit Body, we design our 30-minute workouts to include a 2-4 minute warm-up, followed by a HIIT workout, and finishing with a quick 2-3 minute cool-down/stretching.  Our workouts change daily, and we meet you at YOUR level.  About 30% of our new members tell us they haven’t workout out EVER or in a very long time.  About 60% of our members tell us they need to lose 50+ pounds.  Roughly 30% of our members tell us they need to lose 100 or more pounds.  No matter what your goals are, you CAN do this, because people with your same concerns and goals come in every day and crush it!

We know that HIIT workouts aren’t a trend; they’re increasingly being researched for their health benefits for ALL ages – even those in their 70’s!  (Check out this compelling article here!)


Ok, I’m going to get a little nerdie right now, but hang with me.  There are so many benefits to a good HIIT workout, but to name one specifically, a recent study discovered a correlation between HIIT workouts and our ‘telomere‘ length.  I had no idea what “telomere’s” were – but a quick google search revealed that we WANT telomere’s to be long – long telomere’s protect us!  **I’ll be sure to link the article below so you can read all the details, but here’s the gist:

“The study compared the effects of different forms of exercise, including weight lifting, aerobic exercise, and HIIT on telomere length.  Telomeres are part of human chromosomes, and their length shortens with age. Shortened telomeres are associated with disease and other age-related health problems.

At the end of a 26-week study period, individuals who did aerobic or strength training saw no change in telomere length. The HIIT group saw a “two-fold” increase in length.” [Please see below for the articles referenced] 

I know that facts alone don’t always change our behavior, but I DO know that facts eventually inspire and compel people to change their story.  At Fit Body Boot Camp, we help you every step of the way, even if you’ve never worked out a day in your life – and even if you’re in your 70’s.  

We invite you in for a FREE workout!

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In Peace & Wellness,
Coach Jenn


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