Jun 19, 2021

10 Incredible benefits of bootcamp

The word ‘bootcamp’ conjures up the image of a drill sergeant or muscle-bound dude yelling in the faces of us common folk trying our best just to get in shape.  I’m here to tell you, this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Here at our fitness bootcamp, our coaches are caring and encouraging, helping cheer you to the finish line of every workout!

Because so many people get the wrong idea on what bootcamp is really about, I wanted to pull together a list of my favorite benefits of bootcamp!

1. Our bootcamp is a quick 30-minute workout that is over before you know it!  So many times I hear our members say, “We’re done already?! That was fast!”  You don’t need to waste hours in the gym.  Our bootcamp uses a HIIT format, and you only need about 20 minutes of HIIT for it to be super effective!fort myers gym

2. If you don’t know what you’re doing in the gym and just want someone to tell you exactly what to do, we’re the perfect fit for you. We guide you through every step of your workout in a group setting. Not only will you have a coach helping you with proper form, but they will also encourage & support you during your entire workout!coach helping member with form

3. Never the same-old-workout here. At Fit Body Boot Camp you’ll never to the same workout twice. We customize our weekly workouts so that our members work EVERY muscle group, and we offer modified moves to those who need it.  This means that throughout the week, every single muscle group is going to get worked and toned.

4. Confidence building. So many members have timidly walked through our doors with massive amounts of self-doubt. Seeing their smiles after their first workout is so rewarding!  Bootcamp can be challenging, and the more comfortable you feel here, the more you’ll push yourself.  You’ll see your own confidence and self-esteem skyrocket!  You’ll feel yourself become mentally stronger too!

5. Anyone can do this! There’s no such thing as ‘I can’t’ when it comes to bootcamp, because if you are unable to perform one of our exercises (for any reason, including carrying excess weight – you’re not alone!), one of our experienced coaches will offer you a suitable modification. You’ll surprise yourself what you’re capable of!  And when you make that decision to show up consistently, you’ll massively change the trajectory of your life & health.

6. Fitness Family. Our members are KIND and loving humans. They are all shapes and sizes, there’s no cliques or judgement.  You’ll workout with people who look just like you, who share your common goals AND struggles!  Come join the family!

group photo of fitness members

7. Cardio! You either love it or hate it. The fact is, our bodies need it… we get your heart pumping, which in turn helps your body lose any unwanted weight, and strengthen your heart and lungs and muscles, the list of benefits goes on and on!

8. Bootcamp is HIIT. HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. This ‘format’ of workout burns fat like CRAZYYY!  You’re guaranteed to see results faster than you would with steady-state cardio or strength training on its own.  HIIT is unique and awesome.  Your body will continue to burn calories 24-36 hours after your workout!

9. Eat for success. We don’t just give you an amazing workout, we also help guide your food choices. You’ll have a one-on-one Nutritional Coaching session with Coach Neil, who will walk you through what your macros should be, based on your goals.  We’ll never suggest you go on some strict crazy diet here at Fit Body!  But instead, we encourage our members to make small changes that, over time, add up to big results.

10. Young or old, lean or curvy. I know I said this earlier, but it bears repeating. Bootcamp is for everyone!  Our youngest member is 11 and our oldest is 78!  Ps Did you know that HIIT workouts are being recommended for aging adults now?!  We have members who are trying to add muscle mass, and members who are working on losing 150 pounds.  If you want a safe, judgment-free place to workout, this is your new fitness home.

coach demonstrating exercise

If you’d like to try us out for free, no strings attached, then register now and let’s get that first workout scheduled!

See you at bootcamp!

Coach Jenn
Coach Jenn